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We have found that on average, our customers are likely to pay between £35 to £70 for our man and van Exeter services. This is because we offer great value, believe in total integrity and are very efficient. Just click below to see our customer TESTIMONIALS

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Premier Man and Van Service

Hire Exeter’s premier man and van service and ensure that your move is calm, organised and in control with the most professional man and van service for Exeter EX1 with a price that is guaranteed to be the fairest in the market.

Best Man and Van Price

Too many man and van operators charge ridiculous sums for a very basic service. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do the job, although some people want to charge rocket scientist rates. ManVan Exeter provide a basic, efficient service, backed up by experienced personnel and a track record of positive customer testimonials that means your move to or from Exeter EX1 will be stress free.Call us on 01392 247754 and book NOW!

Preparing for Your Move

Moving from one location in Exeter to another in Exeter EX1 or further beyond into Devon and Cornwall can be far simpler if you are prepared and organised in advance of the move. This also reduces the time we spend and ultimately the money you have to pay to us. Get good quality boxes in advance and copious amounts of good quality refuse sacks. (Here invest in the best quality bags you can afford) . Get friends to help, many hands really do make light work and a key tip is not to organise a leaving party the night before you are due to move! Not many people like moving at the best of times, but with a hangover….

A Man and Van Organisation to Avoid?

A London man and van competitor suggests in broken English that “moving is a time to have a great family bonding,”… they then go on to suggest rather concerningly that “it can sometimes be a day of disaster. Things may get lost, injuries may happen, and a new adjustment to a new environment can be so stressful.” Well, hopefully with a bit of organisation and the right Exeter man and van company this shouldn’t happen.

About ManVan Exeter

ManVan Exeter are Exeter’s Premier Man and Van Service for Exeter EX1. We mostly move flats, smaller properties, sofa’s, furniture, office boxes and equipment and differentiate ourselves from our competitors by price, reliability, endeavour, friendliness & personality. We can pack, unpack, lift, carry and move, but really we are best utilised with lots of people to help, lots of organisation ahead of the move and just getting on with the move from one location to the van and back. The quicker we can get the move done, the cheaper your move will be. Man and Van Exeter

Man and Van Exeter Valuable Tips

Plan the exact date of the move. Use this date to determine the timeframe you need to start packing in Make sure that you have booked a removals / man and van company. Identify large items that need to be moved first and fragile items that will need protection. Man and van Exeter can provide boxes, blankets and packing materials Your appliances and other electronic gadgets like your television. Identify storage and transit arrangements for electrical items, crockery and glassware.

Don’t Scrimp on the Research

When hiring a man and van company in Exeter, EX1, word of mouth, testimonials and ratings on Google should be a key factor in deciding who to use. Check out the name of the company and whether they rank near the top of Google for their name search. This may provide some credibility support. Also check their insurance arrangements, whether they have goods in transit insurance, appropriate vehicle insurance and public / employers liability insurance. Double check your own household insurance cover, just in case something you value does get damaged. Man Van Exeter carry full insurance including £25000 goods in transit insurance, although thankfully, we have never had to claim on it. However, these insurances cost us money, and usually this investment can be identified as a measure of credibility. Telephone a few man and van companies to compare prices. We are confident that we will not be beaten for price… but make sure that you are comparing like for like. How big is the van, how many people will be turning up and will there be assistance with the move from the driver and do they have insurance. Decide whether you want a fixed price or an hourly rate. ManVan Exeter charge for the first hour and then on a pro rata basis for the remaining hours.Generally this is the cheapest way of paying for a man and van service.